Elearning and Training

Whether you’re an elearning agency or working in-house to drive an international L&D programme, your goal is the same – engage learners so they achieve the desired learning outcomes. That’s why speaking your learners’ language and culture is so important.

Whether you’ve been burnt by low-quality translation services before, or are overwhelmed by the idea of localisation, it doesn’t have to be that way. Great translations boost learner engagement, impress end-clients and unlock global opportunities. 

We have a saying: preparation and process make perfect. It’s not particularly fun or catchy, but it makes sense. With the best processes, tech and partner in place, you’ll be on the path to success. We have over 40 years’ experience working with award-winning digital learning agencies and inhouse teams to provide multilingual global learning for large corporations. Together we’ll help translate, coordinate and roll out your learning modules to a global audience.

Translating Mobile Apps and Software

With years of expertise, in-house technical knowledge and highly skilled translators, we’ve supported a wide range of clients to localise and launch apps and software for overseas audiences.

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L&D and Training Translations

Training courses that engage the learner need to be localised for each market. We don’t just mean knowing your ciao from your ni hao, but images, terminology and tone.

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Elearning Modules

Making sure translations are clear is always important, but when it comes to learning content, clarity and accuracy are paramount.

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Video Localisation

From corporate promotional videos, to how-to guides, elearning insights and social media clips –localised videos have the power to resonate with audiences around the globe.

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Cultural awareness training

Whether you’re entering a new market, working as part of a global virtual team or collaborating with international colleagues – by undertaking cultural awareness training, your global employees can communicate better and avoid the pitfalls of cultural blunders.

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Cultural and linguistic audits

Whether you’re a marketing manager wanting to know if your campaign will land well in another location, or an L&D manager that needs to adapt materials across regions, cultural and linguistic audits help you get there.

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Cultural consultancy

Navigating the nuances of culture is a tricky business, but it’s essential for any company looking to succeed in international business. We provide a range of services, from training around cross-cultural understanding to support with cultural analysis of markets to inform marketing communications and much more, so you are fully supported when navigating the challenges (and benefits!) culture presents.

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Cultural strategy and insights

Looking to break into a new market? Our culture-savvy experts work alongside you as trusted advisors, helping you to navigate the complexities of international communications and cultural nuance. We also provide region-specific insights as they relate to your campaigns or programmes. The results? Invaluable insights to inform your strategies, so you can be confident they will have the desired impact.

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“The Comtec team have delivered their first translation project for us. We loved the care, versatility and dedication to excellence provided. Our client was delighted by the speed and accuracy of the translation and video subtitling. Get your translations from Comtec!”

Andy Moorman

We support Juvo with localisation of the elearning courses that they create and develop for their clients. We have localised modules into approximately 20 languages.

“Comtec has been our translation partner for numerous elearning projects. They are consistently attentive, reliable and flexible, as well as transparent about the process and pricing. We’ve trusted Comtec with complex translation projects and they have never disappointed us.”

Richard Banks
Head of Bespoke Learning

We support Kallidus with localising their elearning content for their clients, covering a varying number of languages specific to the markets the client operates in. We support them with end-to-end localisation, as well as with implementation when required.

“Comtec has translated the source content and provided voice over recordings for a number of our SCOPE E-Learning modules on obesity management. We have always been very happy with their service and the quality of their translations.”

Alexander French
Professional Education and Editorial Manager
World Obesity Federation

We have been working with World Obesity Federation since approximately 2019, supporting them with elearning module translations for their obesity courses into 3 set languages: French, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish.

“Comtec are a fantastic translation partner, always providing a professional, timely and friendly service with great client contact. They are always our go-to for translations”

Tracey McDonald
Learning Experience Manager
Emerald Works

We’ve worked with Emerald Works since 2018, helping to support their clients with localising content. This can include the full end-to-end elearning localisation service, often involving desktop publishing, subtitling, video editing, voiceover and implementation.

“We were new to the world of translation and unsure what to expect, but the team at Comtec, led by Emily, were excellent and guided us through the process brilliantly. From the initial meeting to discuss our requirements right through to receiving the end product, all our questions were answered quickly and fully and every detail was discussed to make sure we received what we had asked for and the technical elements of the translation were as accurate as possible. Communication was excellent throughout, we were kept fully informed and we are very happy with our translated materials. The quality of the translation is excellent as are the videos and voice-overs that were created for us. We received a first-rate, professional service and we would not hesitate to use Comtec again if we ever have another translation requirement. A big thank you to the whole team for their hard work on our translation project.”

Elizabeth Buxton
External Relations & Marketing Manager
IBRU Centre for Borders Research

We supported IBRU with the translation of an introduction course into French. This included the translation of presentations and supporting materials, voiceover of the presentations and the synchronisation of the animations.

“From having a difficult experience with another provider, we switched to Comtec who have been absolutely brilliant in their swift, effective communication and leave us with absolute reassurance that the project will be completed on time and on point.”


Dave Saddington
Managing Director
Magnetic Studio
We’ve been working with Magnetic Studio since 2021, helping to support them with their elearning module localisation, which included subtitling, voiceover and full implementation.

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