Marketing and Brand Development

Use translation to start a conversation with the world.
If you work in marketing, advertising or branding, you might be wondering how translations will capture not only your words, but the intent and feeling of your campaign or project. 

Maybe you’re unsure of the translation process, what level of localisation you need, how to convince clients to opt for translation or work with in–country review teams? Whether you’re part of an agency or in-house team, we can help. 

Over the past 40 years we’ve worked across a range of creative and marketing projects, from hiring deaf actors for animations, to translating children’s books for a global fast food brand. We’ve provided translations for large-scale global campaigns, branding, advertising, social media and video content, as well as adwords brochures and catalogues.

Marketing Translations

We specialise in providing powerful multilingual marketing content that wows your customers, builds relationships with your audience, and helps you grow your business across global markets.

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Translation + creative = transcreation

How do you make sure slogans stay memorable, jokes still get a laugh and campaigns wow when they’re translated?

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Website Translations

Translating a website is a complex task. It needs careful thought, planning and a strong team in place from the start. This includes having the right website developers and translation partner on board.

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Brand Name Analysis

The name of your product, brand or service is the first thing that any customer will see; it’s so important to get it right.

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Translating Mobile Apps and Software

With years of expertise, in-house technical knowledge and highly skilled translators, we’ve supported a wide range of clients to localise and launch apps and software for overseas audiences.

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Video Localisation

From corporate promotional videos, to how-to guides, elearning insights and social media clips –localised videos have the power to resonate with audiences around the globe.

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Cultural awareness training

Whether you’re entering a new market, working as part of a global virtual team or collaborating with international colleagues – by undertaking cultural awareness training, your global employees can communicate better and avoid the pitfalls of cultural blunders.

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