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Translation is more than words
It’s your guide into new markets, regions and cultures. The right translation strategy (and partner) will propel your organisation forward, enabling brands to connect with customers, clients and colleagues in a captivatingly human way.

We don’t just translate. We transcreate, copywrite, localise, project–manage, reassure, juggle, subtitle, develop, interpret and voiceover – in over 200 languages and across sectors.

For each translation project, we assemble the best team for your needs. That means expert project managers, specialist subject linguists, proofreaders and we even have a quality assurance officer to make sure everything meets our high standards.

All of our linguists are in-country native speakers and specialists in subjects such as marketing, elearning and even niche technical or legal topics. This means that your translations won’t just be accurate, but socially and culturally sensitive and engaging.

We pride ourselves on excellent quality, project management and customer service. That’s why all our translations are done by our approved linguists and undergo rigorous quality assessments (check out our quality certifications here). With us, you can rest easy knowing your words are in safe hands.

We don’t claim to do everything but when it comes to translations there aren’t many challenges we can’t handle. If something seems complex or a little out of the box, just ask, we’re sure our team can help.

Marketing Translations

We specialise in providing powerful multilingual marketing content that wows your customers, builds relationships with your audience, and helps you grow your business across global markets.

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Translation + Creative = Transcreation

How do you make sure slogans stay memorable, jokes still get a laugh and campaigns wow when they’re translated?

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Website Translations

Translating a website is a complex task. It needs careful thought, planning and a strong team in place from the start. This includes having the right website developers and translation partner on board.

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Brand Name Analysis

The name of your product, brand or service is the first thing that any customer will see; it’s so important to get it right.

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Translating Mobile Apps and Software

With years of expertise, in-house technical knowledge and highly skilled translators, we’ve supported a wide range of clients to localise and launch apps and software for overseas audiences.

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Internal Communication

Are you speaking your employees’ language? If you want your internal communications to engage employees, a great first step is delivering them in the language they speak.

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HR Translation Services

Whether you are a multinational company with offices overseas or a local business with non-English speaking employees, Comtec provides cost-effective solutions to meet your HR and training requirements.

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Technical Translations

Understanding and accuracy are key to perfect technical translation. We’re trusted by clients in highly specialised sectors across the globe to deliver faultless, precise technical translation in any language.

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L&D and Training Translations

Training courses that engage the learner need to be localised for each market. We don’t just mean knowing your ciao from your ni hao, but images, terminology and tone.

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Elearning Modules

Making sure translations are clear is always important, but when it comes to learning content, clarity and accuracy are paramount.

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Video Localisation

From corporate promotional videos to how-to guides, elearning insights and social media clips, localised videos have the power to resonate with audiences around the globe.

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Legal Documents

Choosing a reliable, trusted language partner is essential for this type of service and that’s why so many top legal practices choose to work with us.

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Certified Translation

There are various types of certification for different translation services, which we have summarised below. We advise clients to check which type is needed before commissioning any translation work.

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Healthcare Communications

Comtec supports industry–leading clients in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors by providing high-quality translations for international use.

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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Marketing materials don’t just need to read well – they need to look good too.

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Machine Translations

If you have a large project with a quick turnaround required, MT or AI translations can help keep costs down whilst delivering translations at high speed and volumes.

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Cultural awareness training

Whether you’re entering a new market, working as part of a global virtual team or collaborating with international colleagues – by undertaking cultural awareness training, your global employees can communicate better and avoid the pitfalls of cultural blunders.

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Cultural and linguistic audits

Whether you’re a marketing manager wanting to know if your campaign will land well in another location, or an L&D manager that needs to adapt materials across regions, cultural and linguistic audits help you get there.

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Cultural strategy and insights

For anyone in marketing, L&D and internal communications, reaching new markets and communicating with new audiences is crucial, but also fraught with cultural complexity. Our experts provide invaluable insights to inform the development of global strategy and plans—meaning less issues, more impact.

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Cultural Consultancy

Navigating the nuances of culture is a tricky business, but it’s essential for any company looking to succeed in international business. We provide a range of services, from training around cross-cultural understanding to support with cultural analysis of markets to inform marketing communications and much more, so you are fully supported when navigating the challenges (and benefits!) culture presents.

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Website Connectors

Tired of copying and pasting content for website translations? Then it’s time to switch to a website connector.

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