Cultural and linguistic audits

Whether you’re a marketing manager wanting to know if your campaign will land well in another location, or an L&D manager that needs to adapt materials across regions, cultural and linguistic audits help you get there.

Cultural and linguistic audits provide in-depth, local insights which can be used to determine how best to communicate with a particular audience. By reviewing communication materials and assessing the scope for change, we can provide a more seamless and efficient localisation process.  

Areas that we’d recommend are frequently reviewed from a localisation perspective are:

  • Gender stereotypes: Different cultures look at gender in different ways. With public perception constantly changing across the globe, content needs to be reflective of these changes in attitudes and aware of local differentiation.
  • Images and visual cues: A love heart symbol might be little more than a ‘save to favourites’ shopping icon in one culture, but can resemble something much more meaningful in another. It’s important to know the differences and where it’s appropriate to use certain images.
  • Colours: Colour can be used to convey a wide range of messages and emotions, but these can differ drastically from culture to culture. Black, for example, might be chic in Europe, but in China the colour represents death—two very different perceptions.  

During our auditing process, you’ll be in the hands of cultural and linguistic pros. Our intricate process enables both agencies and global companies to fully understand the cultural pitfalls they need to be considerate of in order to communicate with impact in all markets. 

How does it work for Marketing content? 

For marketing materials, we’ll take a deep dive into your collateral. Auditing everything from brand colours to creative campaigns to understand how likely they are to engage your audience in certain markets. 

For example, in some markets, informal language is appropriate and works effectively, whereas other markets prefer brands that are more formal in their tone of voice. A cultural and linguistic audit would identify where a campaign that uses casual language may not be appropriate, so a revised tone for that market can be developed early on. 

What is involved in Training and Learning programmes? 

In the case of learning and training, we help to identify where the challenges might lie with translating source material. We also identify where topics or phraseology may run into difficulties in certain cultures, meaning you can make decisions early about how to overcome them.

As an example, in English material, it is becoming more common to use the phrase ‘partner’ to ensure inclusivity. In some markets, both culturally and linguistically, this phrase can be misinterpreted and therefore problematic. In identifying this early on, design decisions can be taken about how to manage this issue prior to starting the translation process.

3 key benefits of cultural and linguistic audits

  • Provide an early indication of the level of change that may be required 
  • Flag more significant issues ahead of moving into full localisation 
  • Help to identify areas that will require less or more localisation than initially thought

“Comtec continue to be super flexible and very efficient at delivering translations for us. The team are always so helpful and the quality of work is what we would expect of our translation agency.”

Hannah Smith
Marketing Consultant
Aston Martin Lagonda
We translate content for the Aston Martin website and technical specs into a range of languages, including French, German, Japanese, Chinese and US English. We also complete translations of high-end marketing content, working closely with their external agencies.

“We’ve worked with Comtec to ensure that the translation is more like transcreation. We trust Comtec to ensure that the message, the tone, the style, the sentiment, and actually the core creative concept that we have is adapted in each language. This process includes local briefings, test samples, full translation process, and also a review and supply of what we do and we’ve worked on together.”

Ben Bonner
Account Director
McCann Central
We support McCann with the localisation of marketing copy for a range of end clients, including the translation of creative assets, press releases and web content. We have also supported their end client, a leading airline, with the transcreation of marketing straplines.

“Comtec have assisted with the expansion of our business into international territories with the use of fast and accurate translations. Their online portal makes translation requests effortless with the benefit of placing multiple requests at once. If the process was not already easy enough, the Comtec team are always on hand to assist with any queries, and they are the friendliest of people. Many thanks to the Comtec team and we look forward to working with you on our future projects.”

Nathan Hadland
International Study Manager
Ayton Global Research Ltd
For consumer research agency, Ayton Global Research, we specialise in the translation of questionnaires and the subsequent responses. Our specialist linguists ensure they are accurately translated, usually between English and Simplified Chinese.

“I have been using Comtec for nearly 8 years now and they have become our key contact for any translation jobs we have, from residential blogs to really technical documents. The team is very friendly and professional and all queries are answered quickly. It just makes our life easier and we know that we can rely on them at all times.”

Anne Marcant
European Marketing Executive
We translate a variety of documents, including blogs, newsletters, emails, website updates and leaflets for the Designflooring marketing team. We translate this content into a multitude of languages, including Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, and Polish.

“The team at Comtec is great to work with: friendly, approachable and supportive, they deliver an excellent translation service that our customers value.”

Uschi Balzer
Product Marketing Manager – Inkjet
We primarily translate for the global marketing team at Domino, focussing on 8 core markets. We provide translation services for a breadth of content, including brochures, technical specifications, blogs, case studies and articles.

“We absolutely love working with Comtec. Their values and approach really match ours – they are super responsive and always reliable, and quality is paramount for them, just as it is for us and our clients. As a writing agency, we get a really wide variety of briefs and we can trust that the Comtec team will always help find the right solution to deliver exactly what our clients need.”

Nina Whittaker
Client Services Director
Stratton Craig
Stratton Craig are a copywriting agency that use our services to support with translation and localisation into a number of languages, including French, German, Russian and Japanese.

“In unprecedented and dynamic times like this, it’s vital for us to communicate with our colleagues and customers in several different languages as quickly as possible. Comtec have done an outstanding job for us by turning these around as quickly as possible and have been a reliable partner.”

Roxy Walker
Group Director Global Communications
Klöckner Pentaplast
We translate a mix of internal and external communications for Klöckner Pentaplast in their 11 core languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish.

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