Elearning Content

Making sure translations are clear is always important, but when it comes to learning content, clarity and accuracy are paramount.

We know you can’t afford for learners to become disengaged, so we cover every aspect of your elearning course; this includes cultural relevance, image localisation, and even multilingual voice over for audio content. Our team are elearning localisation experts and work across all authoring tools, including Articulate Storyline and Rise, Adapt, and Evolve. 


Implementation and rebuild 

When translating your elearning content, each element needs to be extracted and localised separately. That’s why our team offers an end-to-end service including the implementation of your translations within your chosen authoring tool. With our bespoke technology, we can convert all export files including JSON and XLIFF and deliver every element translated and re-built as fully localised learning modules. No more copy and paste nightmares! 

To find out more about the benefits of solid implementation expertise then take a look at our elearning guide here

We’re an extension of your agency 

Our translation expertise and elearning experience means that we can handle the entire localisation process for you. That way you can focus on developing new content and leave the rest to us. 


Quality reviews 

Each translation is proofread by a native specialist linguist and then checked in situ to make sure everything is displaying and functioning properly. Our team can also manage in-country reviewers to streamline the process of local feedback before implementing any changes.

Our end-to-end elearning translations include:


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