Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Marketing materials don’t just need to read well – they need to look good too.

When translated into another language, text often ends up slightly longer than the original version, affecting layout and design. So, for any catalogue, leaflet or brochure translation, adjustments may be required to maintain your signature look and brand identity.

Working hand-in-hand with our linguists, our skilled desktop publishing team can adjust artwork, layout and fonts to ensure translated documents adhere to brand guidelines.

Our team is experienced in handling artwork created in a wide range of packages, including Illustrator, InDesign, Quark and CAD. 

Costs also incorporate a detailed in-situ review by the translator to ensure that everything is displaying perfectly before delivery.

Desktop publishing that we can translate:

  • Brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Reports
  • Catalogues

“Comtec is a team of professionals, helping us deliver clients’ projects on time and ensuring high quality.”

Julia Kiseleva
Account Director
Adare International (Germany)
We provide support for a number of Purple Agency’s end clients (Purple Agency is part of Adare International). These include consumer goods, logistics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals – often translating technical healthcare communications for global consumers.

“Comtec have supported us with a range of translation and transcreation services and their service is always outstanding. The team are friendly, responsive and extremely helpful. Their services are great value and their turnaround time is very impressive. I would highly recommend!”


Elisia Cox
Senior Account Manager
Adare International (UK)
We provide support for a number of Purple Agency’s end clients (Purple Agency is part of Adare International). These include consumer goods, logistics, healthcare and pharmaceuticals – often translating technical healthcare communications for global consumers.

“Comtec have assisted with the expansion of our business into international territories with the use of fast and accurate translations. Their online portal makes translation requests effortless with the benefit of placing multiple requests at once. If the process was not already easy enough, the Comtec team are always on hand to assist with any queries, and they are the friendliest of people. Many thanks to the Comtec team and we look forward to working with you on our future projects.”

Nathan Hadland
International Study Manager
Ayton Global Research Ltd
For consumer research agency, Ayton Global Research, we specialise in the translation of questionnaires and the subsequent responses. Our specialist linguists ensure they are accurately translated, usually between English and Simplified Chinese.

“I have been using Comtec for nearly 8 years now and they have become our key contact for any translation jobs we have, from residential blogs to really technical documents. The team is very friendly and professional and all queries are answered quickly. It just makes our life easier and we know that we can rely on them at all times.”

Anne Marcant
European Marketing Executive
We translate a variety of documents, including blogs, newsletters, emails, website updates and leaflets for the Designflooring marketing team. We translate this content into a multitude of languages, including Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, and Polish.

“The team at Comtec is great to work with: friendly, approachable and supportive, they deliver an excellent translation service that our customers value.”

Uschi Balzer
Product Marketing Manager – Inkjet
We primarily translate for the global marketing team at Domino, focussing on 8 core markets. We provide translation services for a breadth of content, including brochures, technical specifications, blogs, case studies and articles.

“The quality of work that Comtec delivered was outstanding. For us, engagement is a key metric, and to see people commenting on our translated posts in their own language made our client really happy. We also really appreciate the quick turnaround and we wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Comtec again in the future for similar projects.”

Alex Decker
Paid Media Manager
Golley Slater
We support marketing agency Golley Slater on their social media content, translating content into both Polish and Romanian for the Welsh Government, ensuring that it remains accurate and culturally appropriate.

“Comtec’s professional translation services are second to none. Thorough, great value for money, speedy, accommodating and flexible. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Group Head of Human Resources
Imperial Hotels
Imperial Hotels are a company of luxury hotels in central London. The company uses our services to translate HR documents to share with their global employees.

“Just wanted to say “Well done & thank you” to you guys at Comtec for the translations; this is not the first time I heard it was great quality… Great job – feedback like this makes this long project worth it.”

Lucia Ivanova
CX Change & Learning Advisor
We’ve been working with Domino since approximately 2016 and we predominantly translate marketing materials into 8 core languages. To help the process we have put in place glossaries, localisation guidelines, a feedback log, an annual survey and regular catch up calls.

“In unprecedented and dynamic times like this, it’s vital for us to communicate with our colleagues and customers in several different languages as quickly as possible. Comtec have done an outstanding job for us by turning these around as quickly as possible and have been a reliable partner.”

Roxy Walker
Group Director Global Communications
Klöckner Pentaplast
We translate a mix of internal and external communications for Klöckner Pentaplast in their 11 core languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, and Turkish.

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