Website Connectors

Tired of copying and pasting content for website translations? Then it’s time to switch to a website connector.

A website connector is a nifty tool that helps to seamlessly link your content to your translation partner’s system. 

After all, manually handling translations is a pain, to put it politely. The need to copy and paste every piece of content to send to your Language Service Provider results in wasted time, wasted resources and more often than not, a string of errors. It’s an unnecessarily stressful process, and one where there is a simple and effective antidote.  

At Comtec, we use a range of website connectors to link common Content Management Systems (CMS) with our own translation management system. This means your source content can be transferred directly to us at the touch of a button and back again—doing away with the manual transferral of pages and pages of content, leaving less room for error. 

Do I need a website connector?

It’s all in the type and volume of content you produce. If you’re producing a lot of content such as blogs, product pages, case studies and videos for high-quality translation, a website connector is for you! This tool will make staying on top of multilingual content much easier, allowing you to make more regular updates and changes across multiple websites. 

What if I need a different type of connector?

For anyone that requires a tailored solution, we offer a bespoke translation API that is custom-built to fit your needs. Much like an off-the-shelf connector, our API allows you to automate the transfer of files with just the click of a mouse.  


Benefits of using website connectors:

  • Transfer files at the touch of a button
  • No more copy and paste. No more stress! 
  • Streamlined processes mean faster time to market
  • Less manual intervention = less risk, errors and missing content

“Comtec continue to be super flexible and very efficient at delivering translations for us. The team are always so helpful and the quality of work is what we would expect of our translation agency.”

Hannah Smith
Marketing Consultant
Aston Martin Lagonda
We translate content for the Aston Martin website and technical specs into a range of languages, including French, German, Japanese, Chinese and US English. We also complete translations of high-end marketing content, working closely with their external agencies.

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