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Translating marketing slogans

Translating marketing slogans in 4 steps

The translation of marketing slogans is a specialist skill. Copywriters can spend hours agonising over the perfect headline for your brand, so the last thing you need is that being lost in translation.

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How to take a food brand global: an interview with Zeynep Turudi

Zeynep Turudi is an exporting superstar. 17 years ago she had the idea to bring authentic vegetarian Turkish Delight to England and so she created the confectionary brand Truede.

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effective marketing translations for product launches

Our top tips for establishing an effective translation process to support your product launch in EVERY language

Planning and coordinating your product launches is a challenge in any circumstances. Adding the need to spread the word across multiple territories into the mix just ramps up the pressure! When your time and budget are tight, it’s more important than ever to have a robust, affordable and effective marketing translation process in place that

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