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Case Study: Why thinking locally is the key to success globally

What does it take to scale your business globally? We sat down with international experts (and Comtec client), Merkle, to find out. In this interview Mylène Curie, Senior Lead of International Excellence, shares her insight into localising global digital marketing and how to measure success.

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Case Study: How the in-country review process works for translations

What is the market review process, how does it work and how do you do it? Rather than us telling you, we spoke to our client Ben Bonner at McCann Central to hear his experience and top tips.

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Translating advertising copy

Translating slogans, straplines and advertising campaigns requires a creative approach. That’s where transcreation services come in.

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What is transcreation?

So what is transcreation? Have you heard of transcreation but aren’t really sure what it is? Well, transcreation, or creative translation or international copy adaptation as you might have heard it be called, is the art of adapting a message from one language to another while keeping the key message, tone and style intact.

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