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How cultural backgrounds impact L&D and elearning experiences

We all learn in different ways. Some of us will feel more at home learning in group dynamics, whereas others prefer a quiet space to think. As individuals, we have different preferences and practices—but how far does culture play a part in this?

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Blunders vs brilliance: how a brand’s understanding of culture can determine its success across global markets

When marketing internationally, it’s easy to assume that a well-crafted, thoughtful campaign will have the same impact across multiple markets – but that’s not a given.

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Creating emotion-driven marketing campaigns across cultures

Marketers are well-versed in using emotion to convey a message—but does that emotional knowledge differ when our marketing spans multiple cultures?

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Global marketing + cultural classifications = success

Understanding different regional cultures offers critical insight for marketing managers. Culture is generally accepted by marketing researchers as one of the most important influences on buying behaviour.

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translating humour

Do foreign jokes work in English?

Do jokes translate? In this post, we explore whether your multilingual content can have a sense of humour and how to handle jokes and other humorous content aimed at multilingual audiences. Click here to learn more

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chinese language, Chinese translations

5 Chinese language movies recommended by our translation team

Do you want to immerse yourself in the Chinese language and culture? These 5 films are a great starting point for anyone interested in China.

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Travelogue: Kasia in Lisbon

Project Manager Kasia received surprise tickets to Lisbon as a birthday present from her friends. She’s written a travelogue about her trip and the sights and sounds of Lisbon: I have always believed that one of the best things we can wish for in life are best friends who we build strong bonds with over

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Spanish language films, Spanish translation services

Our 15 favourite Spanish language films we recommend you watch!

If you want to learn more about Spanish culture and improve your language skills, watching Spanish language films is a great way to do it. Click here for our 15 favourite films.

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Languages for the future – Arabic

Arabic is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, and therefore a very important language for international business. In this post Sophie Howe discusses why you should invest in Arabic language skills and key considerations for doing business in Arabic speaking countries.

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