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The key to translating brand values across global marketing assets

When it comes to translating documents and marketing assets for international markets, it’s not just a question of translating text word for word. In fact, translating text literally can land your brand in hot water as the examples in this post on translation blunders clearly demonstrate! For a successful translation and localisation project we need

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Written vs. spoken: exploring preferred communication methods in international business

Conducting business is a multi-faceted affair. PowerPoints, infographics, telephones, social networks – any and every style of communication conceivable is brought into play in order to broadcast key messages, promote a product or service or seal that ever-so lucrative deal. Generally though, communication methods can be categorised into 2 distinct approaches; the written word and

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Global Chatter – May: Extroverts learning languages & Russian in-laws

Hello! Mirëdita! Ni Hao! Szia! Welcome back to Global Chatter, a monthly compilation of our team’s favourite blogs, news items and online resources all about the rich, wild and wonderful world of languages. With an international team and a global network of 3,000 linguists (covering 200 languages!), hand-picked for their professionalism and skill, we make

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