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insync training

Announcing our transatlantic partnership with InSync Training

Comtec and InSync Training announce their partnership that will help multinational organisations deliver improved global learning and training programmes.

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localising L&D programmes

Stats and facts: the truth behind localising L&D programmes

Don’t let language barriers affect the success of your L&D programmes! Have a look at this infographic that shares some interesting stats and facts about languages and employee engagement.

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translating learning and development content

Why you’re not translating L&D content

Many global L&D teams aren’t translating their learning and training programmes. Why not? Here we explore the barriers to translation and how to overcome them.

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learning and development content

Are you struggling to get buy-in from local markets for your localised L&D content?

Are you experiencing push-back from local markets regarding localising your learning and development content? If so, our blog post provides advice for getting buy-in from your local colleagues.

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translating L&D programmes

How do I know I’ll get ROI from translating L&D programmes?

How do you know that translating your L&D programmes will deliver a positive ROI? In this post, we share a few ways to convince budget holders and other decision-makers.

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quality learning and training translations

I don’t speak the lingo! How can I be confident in the quality of my learning and training translations?

If you don’t speak the language, how will you know your translated L&D content is good quality? In this post, we share some simple checks to give you confidence.

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global training, global workforce, training translation

Overcoming the challenges to training a global workforce – time and money

Launching global training programmes simultaneously in different countries is no easy task! Deadlines stretch and costs escalate. In this post Susan Lankfer explains how your translation partner can help you manage time and money, and improve the effectiveness of your training content.

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learner engagement

Overcoming the challenges to training a global workforce – learner engagement

Learner engagement is a challenge for L&D professionals, and when working for a global organisation that challenge can multiply as you try to engage a multinational, multilingual workforce. Click here to find out how a translation partner can help you improve learner engagement.

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L&D, training translations, e-learning translations

Why centralisation can reduce translation costs and time for L&D departments

How can centralisation help L&D departments reduce translation costs and save time? In this article Susan Lankfer explains why and shares her recommendations.

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