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4 ways to create engaging and relevant multilingual regional internal comms

Localising your internal comms is about much more than accurate translation – it’s about balancing global messaging with local nuances. Find out how here.

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To localise or not to localise L&D content. That is the question…

Training that is locally sensitive drives engagement, understanding, inclusivity and better learner outcomes. I spoke to L&D experts to see what impact language and culture has on training global teams and they shared their top tips.

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Four steps to engaging your global team

If you have a multi-lingual team and internal comms is your thing, then you are in the right place. Read on for four easy steps to global internal comms nirvana, straight from major players in the industry.

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Engaging local review teams in translating Internal Communications

When it comes to collaborating, there are often two schools of thought: two heads are better than one or too many cooks spoil the broth. Finding the balance between centralising your Internal Comms translations and keeping local-market teams in the loop, can be tricky.

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How to create translation-ready Internal Communications

We’ll start this blog with a word of caution: English is not a universal language. Whilst believing that won’t stop you ordering a croissant in Paris, it could be very damaging for a global workplace.

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Pros and cons of using one corporate language for employee engagement

“We know that having a good company culture with engaged employees leads to happier employees, but employee engagement doesn’t happen automatically. We work for it.”

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How to boost global employee engagement with multilingual internal comms

Engaging global employees with internal comms is no easy task. Sometimes it can feel like your communications are being sent into a black hole! Here we share 7 tried and tested ideas for creating engaging multilingual internal comms.

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