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Central and Eastern Europe

Doing business in Central and Eastern Europe – the lowdown

Is your company exploring doing business in Central and Eastern Europe? Read this blog post to learn more about culture, etiquette and business communications in this region.

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international events

International events: How to communicate effectively and win business with localised materials

Here are our suggestions for developing a communications strategy for international events. If your business is attending or exhibiting at a tradeshow or conference this year, read our post!

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Comtec, merry christmas, languages

We wish you a Merry Christmas in 10 different languages!

Here’s how to say Merry Christmas in the top 10 languages for businesses this year! If you want to personalise your communications wishing your contacts a Merry Christmas, here’s how to do it.

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Languages for the future – French

In this post Sophie Howe discusses why French should be a priority for many businesses looking to export into new markets or expand overseas. Learn more about French translations here.

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multilingual translations

How to prepare content intended for many markets for translation

Here’s our advice for preparing your content for multilingual translations. If you need to reach more than one market with a range of content, here’s how to streamline the process and ensure quality translations.

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business languages

What languages will your business need in the future?

The British Council’s Languages for the Future report says that improving language skills is critical for the UK’s success as a global nation. Here we look at which languages are our top priorities

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quality tick

5 strategies for increasing global customer satisfaction rates

When your business becomes a global concern, the way you look after your international customers is an important factor in your success. In your target market you’ll be competing with other exporters and domestic competitors, so it’s not enough just to translate and localise product marketing content to reach new customers: you also need to

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Focus on the Netherlands: Expanding into new markets

Whether we remain in the European Single Market or not, many businesses are still looking for opportunities to export to our near neighbours in Europe. The Netherlands is a prime example. Currently the UK’s fourth largest bilateral trading partner, in 2014 (latest available figures) the value of UK goods exported to the Netherlands was $36.7

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Should you use a local translation provider when entering a new market?

Occasionally people ask us whether it’s best to outsource your professional translation requirements to a UK translation agency, or find a local provider in the target market.  Naturally as a UK provider we are slightly biased! But I think it’s a good question to ask, and a good opportunity to explore the benefits of a

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