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Focus on the Netherlands: Expanding into new markets

Whether we remain in the European Single Market or not, many businesses are still looking for opportunities to export to our near neighbours in Europe. The Netherlands is a prime example. Currently the UK’s fourth largest bilateral trading partner, in 2014 (latest available figures) the value of UK goods exported to the Netherlands was $36.7

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UK manufacturers drive their own destiny

Language service provider, Comtec Translations, has recorded an encouraging 52% year-on-year increase in the work undertaken for a number of their key UK manufacturing clients. The Midlands based translation company, which specialises in enabling organisations maximise their export potential, provides support for manufacturers across a wide variety of sectors including machinery, automotive and luxury goods.

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Written vs. spoken: exploring preferred communication methods in international business

Conducting business is a multi-faceted affair. PowerPoints, infographics, telephones, social networks – any and every style of communication conceivable is brought into play in order to broadcast key messages, promote a product or service or seal that ever-so lucrative deal. Generally though, communication methods can be categorised into 2 distinct approaches; the written word and

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