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International events: How to communicate effectively and win business with localised materials

Here are our suggestions for developing a communications strategy for international events. If your business is attending or exhibiting at a tradeshow or conference this year, read our post!

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Getting ready for international tradeshows

Are you planning to exhibit at an international tradeshow in the next 12 months? If so, read our blog post that shares what you need to do to communicate with international customers and how to prepare for the event.

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The future of languages – Arabic translations

Arabic is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world, and therefore a very important language for international business. In this post Sophie Howe discusses why you should invest in Arabic language skills and key considerations for doing business in Arabic speaking countries.

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International events – how to win business with localised materials

How do you communicate with customers and business associates at international events? Having translated and localised materials, and even an interpreter to hand, can make all the difference in winning business. Learn more here.

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Spanish translation

Languages for the future – Spanish

In this post we discuss why Spanish should be a priority for many businesses looking to export into new markets or expand overseas. Learn more about Spanish translations here.

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5 strategies for increasing global customer satisfaction rates

When your business becomes a global concern, the way you look after your international customers is an important factor in your success. In your target market you’ll be competing with other exporters and domestic competitors, so it’s not enough just to translate and localise product marketing content to reach new customers: you also need to

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Focus on the Netherlands: Expanding into new markets

Whether we remain in the European Single Market or not, many businesses are still looking for opportunities to export to our near neighbours in Europe. The Netherlands is a prime example. Currently the UK’s fourth largest bilateral trading partner, in 2014 (latest available figures) the value of UK goods exported to the Netherlands was $36.7

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Written vs. spoken: exploring preferred communication methods in international business

Conducting business is a multi-faceted affair. PowerPoints, infographics, telephones, social networks – any and every style of communication conceivable is brought into play in order to broadcast key messages, promote a product or service or seal that ever-so lucrative deal. Generally though, communication methods can be categorised into 2 distinct approaches; the written word and

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international business meeting

6 steps to succeed in overseas business meetings

Whether online or in-person, overseas business meetings can be high pressure and a logistical challenge. That’s why we’ve pulled together our practical tips and steps to help.  You may be considering new overseas markets for your products or services. Successful meetings with new and existing clients based overseas are critical to ensuring your business performs

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