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GDPR compliance training should be engaging, effective…and fun!

Are you struggling to communicate key messages around GDPR to your workforce? Some of our L&D clients have created some fantastic e-learning resources that can enhance learning around this very topically issue. Click here to learn more.

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GDPR: the importance of communicating new procedures clearly with your global workforce

Does your global workforce understand the importance of GDPR and the consequences of non-compliance? Here we explore how to communicate this message clearly with e-learning translations.

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Human Translation vs. Machine Translation: The pros and cons for legal translations

Many people confuse Machine Translation (MT) with free translation tools such as Google Translate. This causes particular concern amongst firms requiring legal translation, as online translation tools offer no data security protection, confidentiality or quality assurance. Machine translation is very different to those free tools. It’s secure and complies with data security and confidentiality requirements;

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Legal Translation Services Provider

Legal translations are a highly specialised area of the translation sector, which need to be handled with the utmost care. A poor translation could result in serious consequences for law firms, their clients and other interested parties. Therefore it is vital when sourcing  legal translation services that the provider has the expertise and systems in

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