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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Legal Translation Services Provider


Legal translations are a highly specialised area of the translation sector, which need to be handled with the utmost care. A poor translation could result in serious consequences for law firms, their clients and other interested parties. Therefore it is vital when sourcing  legal translation services that the provider has the expertise and systems in

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Comtec’s website translation service – helping London companies to expand their online presence

website translation and localisation

English is still the most widely-used language online, with an estimated 870 million users worldwide. If you are a company with international audiences, your English website will go a long way to giving people the information they need. But other online audiences are growing fast – Chinese, for example, has over 700 million web users.

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Looking for a professional translation agency in London? Comtec has you covered!

Comtec translates for both SMEs and multinational corporations working across dozens of sectors into more than 200 languages. But we’re much more than just a translation agency in London. We’re a global communication partner. We will listen to you, work with you, draw on our extensive network of translators and apply our knowledge of local

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