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Are your translations private?

Could using free online translation tools be exposing your organisation to data breaches or loss of IP? Read our blog explaining how to keep your translations private and get the benefits of machine translation.

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What ISO 17100 means for you and your translations

If you’ve looked around our website, you’ll have seen us talking about quality a lot. We are fanatical about it.

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The Importance of Translation Memory Software

How do you ensure quality and consistency across all your translations? Whether you need translations for a variety of channels (websites, brochures, emails etc.), technical manuals or specifications that are regularly updated or seasonal marketing campaigns, you will want your translations to be consistent; with the same terminology, phrasing and definitions across all communications. Translation

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Our award-winning approach to successful website translation and localisation

Our award-winning approach to successful website translation and localisation Website translation is the process of translating a website into another language, or modifying it to make it culturally appropriate for the target audience. It also goes by other names, such as website localisation. Although there are subtle differences between these phrases, the general principle of

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Comtec Translations are awarded International Certification for translation excellence

Companies working with translations specialist Comtec can be even more certain of 100% accuracy of translated material following recent accreditation to the internationally accepted quality standard EN15038.

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