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The Worldwide E-commerce Boom – Spotlight on the South Korean market

Tap into the third largest e-commerce market in Asia and generate sales success with a Korean website

Following on from our successful Economic Powerhouses series, we’re now looking at how current digital trends are sparking a worldwide ecommerce boom. The popularity of buying on-line is at an all-time high, and businesses must now adapt and develop new methods to maximise the opportunities. As a global channel bursting with potential, when it comes to targeting customers overseas through your website, language shouldn’t be a barrier.

We’ll reveal the latest internet trends in the South Korean market and discover why translating your website into Korean could increase your chance of winning new business fourfold.

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Economic Powerhouses – Ride the Korean Wave to economic success

Hyundai. Samsung. Gangnam Style. The ‘Korean Wave’ has truly arrived on foreign shores. In 1999 journalists coined the term “Korean Wave” to represent China’s fascination with all things South Korean. Fast-forward a decade and South Korean culture has become a global phenomenon, thanks in part to a certain addictive song-dance combo, but mostly down to economic achievements. So, it comes as little surprise that the next Economic Powerhouse we’re looking at is the mighty South Korea. While some countries continue to bear the brunt of the financial crisis, the South Korean economy impressively saw 2.5% growth in 2012. With such success, opportunities for investment are in abundance…

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