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Striking the perfect balance of style and accuracy in technical marketing translation projects

We’ve all come across translated sales literature or instruction manuals in the past, in which the translations don’t exactly read fluently or the terminology used is just downright odd! I’m sure you will have seen well-known examples from the many lists of the top 10 bad translations that can be found online. But in all

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Automotive marketing – Comtec’s specialist approach to delivering high quality translated copy


Automotive marketing translations combine both technical and marketing translation processes. To help you understand what’s involved read on to find out how we deliver high quality translations for our automotive clients, such as Aston Martin: The brief Aston Martin required translation and localisation of product brochures for a number of key markets ahead of major

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Success Stories: Helping Oleo stay on track with accurate technical translations

Helping Oleo stay on track during their rapid expansion into new international markets Oleo design and manufacture energy absorption solutions for the rail and elevator sectors, as well as for wider industrial applications. Oleo knew that launching effectively into a series of lucrative overseas rail sector markets meant investing in high quality, accurate translation of

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