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The Importance of Translation Memory Software

How do you ensure quality and consistency across all your translations? Whether you need translations for a variety of channels (websites, brochures, emails etc.), technical manuals or specifications that are regularly updated or seasonal marketing campaigns, you will want your translations to be consistent; with the same terminology, phrasing and definitions across all communications. Translation

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Comtec’s Top 5 Apps for Independent Language Learning

Is learning a new language your New Year’s Resolution? It’s difficult to believe that just a few years ago learning a language on your own meant corny tapes, dreary books and a huge amount of self-motivation! Thankfully today there are (of course) apps for that. We’ve scoured the net to find the Top 5 language apps

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The world is mobile! The rise of mobile phone and portable tablet translation apps

With the increasing number of mobile apps on the market, the world is getting smaller. That is to say, more and more people are turning to their handheld devices such as smartphones, PDAs and portable tablets as a way to communicate, instead of via their PCs and desktop computers. Read more to see how this ties in with translation…

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