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3 tips for more effective L&D translations

The world has transformed in a matter of months. In response to Covid-19, we’ve all had to change the way we live, socialise and work. L&D teams are under pressure to not only develop and update learning and training content, but translate it for international teams. It’s more important than ever to communicate with our

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How to choose the right partner to translate your learning and training content

Your translation partners are an extension of your L&D team. Just like when you’re hiring internally, there are some key considerations and questions to ask when outsourcing translations to a translation agency. Whether you want to switch providers, or are hiring a translation company for the first time, it can feel like a big job.

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3 ways to speed up translation of your learning and training content

My experience working with our L&D clients is that they’re all united by one goal: to improve learner engagement and positive learner outcomes. Whilst great artists might have years to work on their masterpieces, L&D teams do not. You’re under pressure to not only create engaging learning programmes, but translate and deliver it internationally, all

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Our top tips for finding the right provider for your technical translation needs

If you’re responsible for managing technical translations in your company this article can help. Here we outline the processes needed to deliver accurate, consistent and affordable translations.

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translation memory software

How translation memory software saves you time and money year after year

Why translate something twice, and pay for it twice, when you can reduce your word count by identifying repetitions and improve accuracy and consistency at the same time? That’s what translation memory software can help you with, learn more here.

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translation management system

Benefits of a centralised translation management system

A fragmented translation process increases costs and results in inconsistencies between different translation assets. Here’s why your business needs a centralised translation management system.

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Top tips on handling specialist terminology in translations

Does your company have its own specialist terminology that it uses in written communications, such as technical terms, acronyms and abbreviations? From legal and medical to technical, finance and manufacturing, each and every business sector or industry imaginable makes use of its own specialist terminology. What’s more, individual companies within these sectors will also have

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The Importance of Translation Memory Software

How do you ensure quality and consistency across all your translations? Whether you need translations for a variety of channels (websites, brochures, emails etc.), technical manuals or specifications that are regularly updated or seasonal marketing campaigns, you will want your translations to be consistent; with the same terminology, phrasing and definitions across all communications. Translation

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