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The translation brief – the recipe for a successful international marketing campaign

We know the thought of working on an international marketing campaign can be both exciting and daunting. As experts in all things creative, you’ve spent a lot of time, care and effort developing effective and engaging marketing copy in English for your client’s campaign. You’ve also established a detailed and structured brief with your client,

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No fuss, no muss – how a trusted translation partner can help deliver hassle-free international marketing projects

Deadlines, hassle, urgency. If you work in an international marketing agency you’ll be all too familiar with these. A few last minute changes by the client, and it’s all hands on deck to ensure work is completed by the promised deadline. I know what it’s like. From my experience working with a number of creative

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Why London businesses should work with translation agencies to achieve international success

When it comes to conversion rates, the evidence is striking: international consumers are around four times more likely to buy a product or service online if the website is provided in their native language. That alone is a compelling reason for businesses in London to work with translation agencies to help them create effective localised

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