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Should agents or distributors be involved in translations of medical device literature?

A prevailing question on the minds of manufacturers and exporters of medical devices is how agents or distributors should be involved in translations of medical device literature. Should they be assigned to carry out the translations themselves, provide approval on translations or arrange for professional linguists to carry out the work? Should local markets therefore

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Exporting to the Commonwealth? Yes, please!

As exporting to EU countries has raised question marks with some UK companies in the ‘post-Brexit era’, looking towards the Commonwealth countries as a potential target market is becoming more and more appealing. This subject was a focal point of the first-ever ‘Today’s Commonwealth: Exploring export opportunities’ conference, held by the Birmingham Commonwealth Association last

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For London law firms, Comtec’s legal translation services are a must

As a London-based company providing expert legal translation services, we have experience translating for a huge number of different law firms and departments. We pride ourselves on working closely with our legal clients to ensure 100% correct translations every time, but when it comes to dealing with the law in other languages we recognise there

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