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Video translation: what you need to know

Leading brands are successfully using videos as part of their international marketing strategies. Not only in product or service advertising, but also in content marketing.

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Top tips for managing e-learning localisation projects

E-learning has opened up numerous opportunities for companies and organisations to deliver training on a global scale. Whether you’re providing in-house training for employees in different regions, or selling an e-learning course to a company with international clients, your e-learning content should be fully localised for the target audience. Why localise e-learning courseware? Naturally, if

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Discover Comtec’s polished voiceover services in over 200 languages

Comtec’s multilingual voiceover service creates translated voiceover recordings into over 200 global languages, enabling our clients to communicate effectively with their customers through audio-visual channels.

With audio transcription, script translation, multilingual voiceover recording and audio-to-video integration, we offer the complete package to help vocalise your messages for international audiences.

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Easy and effective subtitling translation services with Comtec’s foolproof formula

Comtec’s expert subtitling translation service brings global audiences closer than ever to audio-visual media

Working alongside big name brands, Comtec has successfully developed multilingual subtitles for a range of audio-visual content, helping our clients move one step closer to connecting with international audiences.

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