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high quality translations

How we deliver quality translations

Organisations and business partner with translation service providers because they want high quality translations. But how do providers like Comtec consistently deliver on this promise? Find out here.

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Our top tips for finding the right provider for your technical translation needs

If you’re responsible for managing technical translations in your company this article can help. Here we outline the processes needed to deliver accurate, consistent and affordable translations.

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A Guide to eLearning Authoring Tools and Translation

With so many different authoring tools on the market, it can sometimes be hard to know which is the best fit for creating your eLearning content – and that’s even before translation is thrown into the mix!

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machine translation, AI translation, neural translation

AI, MT, neural translations – how far away are we today?

Are AI, machine translation and neural translation systems accurate enough to take over from human translators? Find out here.

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Are your translations private?

Could using free online translation tools be exposing your organisation to data breaches or loss of IP? Read our blog explaining how to keep your translations private and get the benefits of machine translation.

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website translation, wordpress website translation

How we leverage technology to offer a streamlined workflow for website translation

Avoid the sleepless nights associated with managing a complex multilingual website translation project and read this post! Here Sophie discusses how technology can help streamline your workflows and help you project manage them more effectively.

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WPML integration, wordpress website translation

WordPress translation is less hassle with WPML integration!

Find out why Comtec has partnered with WPML and how this WordPress translation and localisation integration can drive efficiencies and streamline your next website translation project.

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translation technology

Translation technology – why Comtec are embracing it

Here at Comtec we use translation technology to provide our clients with more value from their translation projects. Find out more about the technology, and its impact, here.

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translation memory software

How translation memory software saves you time and money year after year

Why translate something twice, and pay for it twice, when you can reduce your word count by identifying repetitions and improve accuracy and consistency at the same time? That’s what translation memory software can help you with, learn more here.

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