My ten favourite smartphone apps for those of you who travel overseas for business.

Anyone who travels for business knows that time is money. And it always seems that no matter how much planning we do before we set off on our overseas trips, there is always something else to sort out while we’re there!

Yet with nearly 75% of business travellers now owning smartphones we have the benefit of utilising technology on the go. There are apps for almost everything, from booking your flight to business language translations, so you never need to be caught out again!

Here are my ten favourite smartphone apps for those of you who travel overseas for business.

  1. TripIt – A useful app for before you go, this allows you to import all of your travel information (such as flight times, hotel details, meetings) and create a travel itinerary that can be shared with colleagues, ensuring everyone back in the office knows where you’ll be at any time.
  2. Packing Pro – A bit gimmicky, but useful if you tend to be forgetful! This app enables you to create packing lists, keep check of items you’ve already packed and edit item details (including weights, value etc). You can even email your list to colleagues.
  3. World Mate – You never know when you might need to book a last-minute hotel or flight. This app provides hotel suggestions, flight times and prices based on your current location.
  4. Currency – A quick way of converting one currency to another. Simple yet essential!
  5. Translator with Voice – Supporting numerous different languages, this app is useful for learning a new language or for carrying out business language translations while travelling abroad. Translations are spoken and shown on screen.
  6. Word Lens App – A language app with a difference! Although only able to translate into a minimal number of languages, this app enables you to look up words by typing them on screen or by taking a picture of the words with your camera, including pictures of signs, menus or documents – useful for those business language translations.
  7. Flightcaster – A flight delay predication app that scours data and uses current conditions to predict whether a flight might be delayed or cancelled.
  8. Jetset Expenses Keep track of expenses on the go and send expense reports directly to your company using email or import them into Excel or other formats.
  9. AllSubway – Planning to get around by subway? This app includes maps of 151 different metropolitan transit systems from around the world, including Europe, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. The good news is the app works offline, so no problem if you have no internet connection while in the subway!
  10. Discover – A mobile file manager app that allows you to manage, store, view and transfer files with other computers or iPhones.

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