Top 5 Apps for the International Traveller

Have you ever found yourself at a loss as to what to pack for a business trip abroad? Ever accidently made a major cultural faux-pas while meeting an important international client? Well, as they say, there’s an app for that! So whether you’re jetting off on a business trip or holiday, there are hundreds of apps on the market to simplify your travel. We’ve tried, tested and whittled them down to our five favourites so you don’t have to!

  1. BBC Quickstart App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (£5.99)

With 28 practical lessons in French, Spanish, Italian and German, this BBC app is a fun and interactive way to help you learn those crucial phrases before you head abroad. Admittedly, the app is a little on the expensive side when compared to other free language apps such as Duolingo which offer general language teaching. However, the app’s streamlined grammar guide and its unique interactive phrasebook (which provide the key phrases and terminology that are essential for holidays and trips) means that it far outstrips the competition!

  1. Packing Pro for iPhone (£1.99)

Ever found yourself in the pouring rain, miserable and without an umbrella on what you thought would be a sunny business trip? Is yes, this next app might just be the app for you! Packing Pro allows you to simply and precisely plan what you need for your business trip abroad. Simply enter your type of trip, where you’re going, the length of your stay and how many people are travelling and Packing Pro will create a suggested list of what you might need. The app splits your list into categories (essentials, clothes, gadgets etc.) and even modifies your packing list according to the weather predictions for the duration of your trip! With its handy checklist feature, you’ll never forget to pack that umbrella again!

  1. WorldMate for iPhone and Android (Free with an option to upgrade)

WorldMate is the ultimate personal assistant for the international business traveller, with none of the cost! The app boasts a myriad of features: Its ‘Booking and Planning’ feature allows you to effortlessly organise your restaurant/hotel reservations with just a simple click of a button. However, it’s the ‘WorldMate Itinerary’ function that really sets this app apart. Simply forward your confirmation emails for flights/restaurant bookings/hire cars etc. to WorldMate and the app generates an itemised itinerary for your entire trip and it also lets you check-in to your flight from your mobile. As one of the most popular and highly-rated travel apps on the market, WorldMate’s 10 million users can’t be wrong.

  1. Onavo Extend for iPhone and Android (Free)

Need to keep up with emails, download important attachments or send family and friends your holiday snaps while you’re abroad? Don’t want a huge phone bill at the end of the month? The Onavo Extend app is the answer. This app manages the way your phone or tablet uses data, reducing your usage by up to 80%, meaning that you can stay connected without worrying about hefty roaming charges.

  1. Tipulator (iPhone £0.69)

Tipping is a veritable minefield of cultural faux-pas when travelling abroad: leave a 15% tip in China and you’re likely to receive a severe telling off from the manager for over tipping; give the same in the United States and expect to be called a cheapskate. Tipulator’s calculator helps you negotiate the unspoken rules of tipping customs… without insulting your hosts.

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