Translation software means business for Geotech

State-of-the-art translation software recently helped leading UK company Geotech not only boost their business but consolidate their working relationship with a top client.

Geotech, which has been developing, manufacturing and supporting gas-monitoring equipment across a range of sectors for decades, urgently required the translation of its technical operating manual. It was needed to take advantage of a French business opportunity with environmental company, Veolia.

Seeking out Comtec Translations because of their expertise and technical know-how in the area, the job was completed fast and efficiently for Geotech thanks to the help of their top translation memory software.

Comtec approached the project initially by selecting a team of translators and proofreaders with the appropriate technical expertise and understanding of the particular terminology. They then provided a comprehensive glossary of technical terms for review and sign-off by Veolia, before proceeding with the translation aided by their specialist memory software.

This works by building up a database of words and technical terms whereby, each time a sentence is translated, it is added to the memory bank, ensuring the terminology and style is consistent throughout the project. The software also helped translate flowcharts in complex formats.

“Historically, our user-manual translations have been carried out locally by distributors,” explains Simon Sheridan, UK Sales Manager at Geotech. “For a new commercial arrangement with Veolia for France, however, we sought out Comtec Translations.

“To compete globally, we need to communicate in the client’s language and not always expect them to speak English. This enables us to build better relations and win new business. It is especially important to us and our clients that technical documentation is not only accurate but easy to understand and follow.”

Sophie Howe, Director of Comtec Translations, echoed these thoughts. “It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to translate technical documents accurately as international trade becomes key to continued growth.

“Our technical translation software allows us to offer cost savings and shorter timeframes to our customers. And we were delighted that Geotech and Veolia were happy with the results.”

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