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Translation technology – why Comtec are embracing it

translation technology

At Comtec we continually invest in translation technology to meet customer expectations for quality, on time delivery and to ensure they get value for money. The introduction of new technology and development of our in-house technical skills has been crucial in ensuring we can deliver the best possible service to our clients.

In this post I provide an overview of the key translation technology tools we use and how they’re aligned with our services. But first watch the video below where Isabella, Dan and I talk about quality and technology:

As highlighted in the video, we use variety of different tools, including translation memory software, Dovetail (our bespoke translation management system) together with our client portal to streamline and drive efficiencies for our clients’ translation projects. However, we also use other technology such as translation alignment tools, semi-automated translations (machine translation with post-editing), and online review tools, all of which enable us to meet customer expectations for quality translations and a stress-free process.

Here’s how we do it.

Translation technology – driving efficiencies and adding value

Dovetail – Comtec’s translation management system

We launched a new web-based platform for translation management, Dovetail, in 2014. Developed in-house and completely bespoke, Dovetail integrates our project management workflow, quality management systems, translation software, financial accounting procedures and communication tools for both clients and translators to ensure efficient handling of all translation projects and associated services.

A further extension to Dovetail is our client portal, which provides clients with access to live updates on the status of their projects and customised reporting, as well as access to quotes, on-going and past jobs, and provides the option to download all previously translated files.

Dovetail API

Our Comtec API offers complete integration of Dovetail with client systems for a streamlined translation process. This goes above and beyond the client portal, allowing for files to be transferred between Comtec and our clients’ systems seamlessly, and giving everyone greater transparency over the progress of the project. The Comtec API enables clients to send content from their systems, which links directly to both our project management platform and translation software, offering considerable time-saving and a more automated process.

Translation Memory software

We use the latest sophisticated translation memory software to develop an extensive memory from our clients’ translation projects, which continues to grow as more projects are completed. This means that previous translations can be retrieved and used again for subsequent projects across various channels. By maximising previous translations stored within the memory, we are able to ensure faster turnaround times, reduce costs and maximise consistency of the style and terminology across content used in different channels. So as an example, by developing extensive translation memories for a particular language, our clients can be assured of complete consistency in the style and terminology used in content on their company website, print material and audio-visual content.

Translation alignment tools

Translation memories deliver move value the more they’re used as memories are built up with each and every project completed. They’re great for large translation projects or for on going multiple projects as each time new approved terminology is added, the memory increases.

If you’re new to Comtec you can instantly get the benefits of dedicated translation memories with our translation alignment tools. We take your existing translation memories, containing approved translations that were previously produced by another translation provider, along with the original source text in English, and add these to our translation memory. We can handle a large range of file formats, aligning them with our technology and ensuring that you get the benefits of your translation memories straightaway.

Semi-automated translation

We haven’t genetically modified anything, just looked at efficient ways to speed up the process for large volume projects with quick turnaround times. Text is initially machine translated and then one of our linguists who are a specialist in the topic and native speaker of the language reviews it. This approach can be suitable for translating knowledge banks and user-generated content, such as on-line reviews and consumer feedback.

You can learn more about how this approach can be used in website translation by downloading our guide here.

Online review tools

Feedback from our clients and their in-market colleagues is crucial to ensure that the translated content is completely in line with our clients’ requirements. It ensures that all local knowledge and expertise is captured, with specific feedback on terminology, style and tone. To simplify the review, we offer a number of tools to allow direct on-line access to content. This facilitates a quick and easy feedback process that ensures all deadlines are met and all key stakeholders are all involved in the process. Feedback is instantly applied to the project and any future translations, ensuring both consistency and accuracy across all projects.

Here at Comtec we’re not using technology for technology’s sake. We use it when we can see real value and benefits for our clients. Essentially, it’s about finding solutions that help us deliver on our founding principles of quality, timely delivery and value for money.

For more information about Comtec and how we’re helping our clients achieve their global strategies, please download our brochure here.

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