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What ISO 17100 means for you and your translations

What ISO 17100 means for you and your translations

For anyone that prioritises quality, ISO 17100 is a way of ensuring the highest possible standards. Comtec was one of the first translation companies to achieve it.

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Onboarding a translation partner

How to onboard your translation partner

Selecting and onboarding a translation agency takes a lot of planning. In this blog, we’ll walk you through key things to think about before making your choice.

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technical translations

How to select the perfect technical translation partner

When translating technical content, fast turnaround times, complete accuracy and managing costs to ensure a healthy ROI are all essential.
As you might imagine, it can be a big undertaking.

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technical marketing translations

How to strike the perfect balance of style and accuracy in technical marketing translations

How do we strike the perfect balance of style and accuracy when translating technical marketing content? Our latest blog walks readers through our tips and tricks to producing accurate translated content with a creative twist.

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style and tone of voice in translation

The importance of style and tone of voice in translation

Have you included details of style and tone of voice in your localisation brief? Just like you wouldn’t brief in a creative copywriter or designer without a sense of voice or brand style, you should also think about it when it comes to translations.

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translating training content

3 tips for collaborating with global teams on translating training content

Collaborating with international team members on global training doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are our tips for coordinating worldwide teamwork.

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how culture impacts training preferences

How cultural backgrounds impact L&D and elearning experiences

We all learn in different ways. Some of us will feel more at home learning in group dynamics, whereas others prefer a quiet space to think. As individuals, we have different preferences and practices—but how far does culture play a part in this?

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To localise or not to localise L&D content. That is the question…

Training that is locally sensitive drives engagement, understanding, inclusivity and better learner outcomes. I spoke to L&D experts to see what impact language and culture has on training global teams and they shared their top tips.

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internal comms translations

How to create internal comms that connect a global workforce

The world is more open than ever – although it may not feel like it right now. Digital advancements and a shift in the way we work means that expanding overseas and working with dispersed teams feels like a greater possibility.

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