Easy and effective subtitling translation services with Comtec’s foolproof formula


Comtec’s expert subtitling translation services brings global audiences closer than ever to audio-visual media

Working alongside big name brands, Comtec has successfully developed multilingual subtitles for a range of audio-visual content, helping our clients move one step closer to connecting with international audiences.

Our teams of linguistic experts provide high quality subtitling translation services for all types of audio-visual content, including film and television, eLearning modules, DVDs and promotional videos, in over 200 global languages.

Interested in creating multilingual subtitles for your training or promo videos but not sure how the process works? Here’s how we can help!

  • We hand-pick the most suitable translator for your project who knows not only your target language inside out, but also the culture. Rest assured that your translated subtitles will be as effective and meaningful as the original dialogue, but will be expertly adapted to perfectly suit the target audience.
  • Our subtitle translators work with time-coded scripts, so they know exactly when the subtitles are supposed to appear and disappear. Don’t have the original script to hand? Not to worry; simply send over your video files and we will transcribe them for you.
  • Our dedicated Project Managers will liaise closely with you prior to translation to establish a detailed brief to follow. We’ll discuss length, complexity, reading speed and any on-screen visual links required.
  • Our subtitle translators use their expert knowledge and the latest audio-visual software to translate the meaning of the source material for the desired audience whilst ensuring the translations fit into the maximum number of characters per line and that they can be read comfortably by the viewer.
  • At Comtec we’re flexible and keen to please; we’ll supply the translated subtitles back to you in a format that best suits your systems. We can either burn the translations of the subtitles onto video for you or provide them in a bilingual format if you wish to handle this in-house.
  • Finally, we offer a free of charge review of the subtitles after they have been burnt to video. Our linguists will ensure that the translated subtitles are in-sync with the audio and that absolutely none of the original meaning has been lost.

To learn more about Comtec’s subtitling translation services please contact a member of our customer services team on + 44 (0) 1926 335 681 or email info@comtectranslations.com.

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