Success Stories: Fully localised e-learning programmes for Sponge

Working in partnership with Sponge to deliver fully localised e-learning programmes for their multinational clients

Sponge, Outstanding Learning Organisation 2015-2016, is a market leader in delivering creative, custom-made e-learning programmes designed to supercharge workplace performance. Looking for a translation partner to manage their increasing volume of multilingual projects, they called on learning translation, e-learning translation

Thanks to our streamlined processes and focus on quality output, we have accelerated Sponge’s delivery schedules by around 4 weeks. Sponge were delighted with our processes:

“We really enjoy working with you and you’ve made it very manageable for us. We appreciate your flexibility while we educate ourselves and our clients with the new processes. And we’re also very impressed with the thoroughness of your checks!”

Dan Scholes, Sponge

Here’s how we developed a truly tailored approach:

Maintaining a close working relationship from the outset to add value

We work closely with Sponge to understand where we can add value to their projects, establishing a clear translation brief with project managers. Detailed project plans inform Sponge’s team and their clients’ market reviewers when they can expect to receive translated content.

Skilled translators with in-depth sector knowledge

We hand-pick our translation teams to ensure the right fit for every project. In a recent project for Sponge, the subject matter required a translation team with expertise in terminology related to anti-bribery and corruption.

Intelligent and standardised translation process to ensure consistent project management

We deliver translation samples early in the process to ensure their clients’ market contacts are happy with the style and run any technical tests. The samples are provided in bilingual format to facilitate quick and easy reviews of all content.

Fast Facts

•    ISO 9001:2008 certifications guaranteed the highest quality standards
•    Sponge’s delivery schedules accelerated by around 4 weeks
•    Automatic import of translated content enabled by working directly with exported Articulate Storyline content
•    Voiceover, subtitling and image localisation provided for seamless process on all projects

30 years of translation experience

An award-winning translation agency, we provide fast, accurate and high-quality translations in over 200 languages. We’re the trusted language partner for many leading companies who call on our expert knowledge of international business and languages to help them expand into new markets overseas.

If you are looking for professional translation services , please get in touch at or call us on +44 (0) 1926 335 681. We’re here ready and waiting to help.

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