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Tips for partnering with a professional translation services provider

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We view our role as a professional translation services provider as being a trusted partner using our expertise to help our clients succeed internationally. So we’re interested in working with clients long-term, building strong professional relationships that enable us to align our professional translation services with their needs.

Over the years we’ve put this into practice with many companies, often from their first forays into international markets. It’s an approach that we think is a win-win for exporters, global organisations and ourselves, as expert translations not only help our clients succeed – they also result in us having a greater understanding of your company’s aims and preferred style and terminology.

One of key benefits of this approach for our clients is that the translation process becomes increasingly efficient as time goes by. This has a positive impact on costs and turnaround times, and means that we can tailor our services very specifically for each client.

So if you are planning to embark on a partnership with a professional translation services provider, how can you support the on boarding and relationship building process? These tips should help:

Provide a comprehensive overview of your company or organisation: Aligning a translation services provider with your overall business objectives involves communicating with them clearly. Most TSPs will research your organisation, ask questions and request specific information. If you can provide answers it will make it easier for them to understanding your positioning and objectives.

Discuss your specific objectives for your translation project in detail: The TSP will be interested in the content to be translated, the target market, and how it will be used, but they also have extensive experience that can help you reach new markets. For example, they can advise you on whether the content is appropriate in the target market, and they can also introduce you to other sources of help and advice.

Start the translation process early: Allowing sufficient time, especially in the early days of a translation partnership, will help the TSP deliver high quality translation from the start. They will need to identify the right translators for your jobs and put a team together. Time may also be needed to ensure that source text is ready for translation; if you haven’t had experience of writing content for translation it can take time to get right.

Embrace the technology your TSP offers: Professional translation services providers have tools, such as Translation Memory software, that enable them to deliver accuracy and consistency across multiple translation projects and turn around jobs quickly. This is one of the key advantages of building an on-going relationship with a TSP as it drives cost savings in the long term.

To discuss any of the above in more detail please contact our team on 01926 335681 or at info@comtectranslations.com.

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