Why Comtec?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve built a strong reputation within the translation industry.

Our size and experience means we’re a very capable and safe pair of hands. Small enough that we can be flexible and responsive, yet big enough to meet the demands of our larger multi-national clients.

Delivering the highest quality, our clients trust us with their translation projects, knowing that we can adapt our processes and technology to perfectly suit their needs. And of course, they like our dedicated approach and passion for delivering results.

We’re your translation partner

To a lot of our clients, we’re more than just a translation agency – we’re their translation partner. And just like many partnerships, ours are based on trust, transparency and enjoyable working relationships. Our clients trust us to deliver high quality translations every time. We’re also transparent in our pricing and are dedicated to building friendly relationships. That’s why some of our clients have worked with us for more than 20 years.

Quality standards you can trust

We understand that translation can be quite a daunting thing – how will you know if the translation is any good, let alone accurate?! So to ensure that you feel 100% confident in our service, we put quality at the heart of everything we do. Not only are we ISO 9001:2015 certified, we’re also recognised by EN 15038 – the translation industry’s quality standard.

Cutting Edge Technology

We think that technology should make things simple, not complicate them. Our use of translation technology is highly sophisticated but the outcomes are simple – we make the most of technology to improve quality, reduce costs and speed up turnaround times for our clients. With our in-house developers we’re able to create clever solutions tailored to individual client requirements. More importantly, when it comes to finding the solution, we will find a way!

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How we get the best results

Translations, language and business are the true passions at the heart of Comtec, making us one of the leading translation companies in the UK. We focus on what’s important to you and our size means we’re able to be flexible, integrate with your existing processes and add value at every stage. We follow quality assurance processes and conduct regular checks on our translators too, so you know we’re on top of our game at all times.

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