Translation Services for Aston Martin

Helping Aston Martin promote their range of luxury cars to international audiences with expertly translated print and digital content

Luxury car brand Aston Martin recognises the importance of making a strong first impression when marketing their products overseas. Working closely with the global marketing team at Aston Martin, Comtec handles localisation of their company website and luxury brand literature for all key international markets.

Key steps to ensure we create translated materials that fully reflect the luxury nature of the Aston Martin brand include:

Combining creative and technical translation skills to deliver the perfect copy
We hand-pick experienced teams of native-speaking translators with years of experience translating for the automotive industry, as well as the necessary creative flair to develop beautifully written and effective marketing copy.

Collaborating with local markets to capture industry expertise and preferential terminology
We work closely with the local market reviewers to ensure all content is in line with their preferred terminology and style. Local market reviewers are able to use Comtec’s cutting-edge Online Review Tool to provide final approval of
all artworked brochures.

Advanced translation memory software to ensure cost savings and consistency
With our innovative translation memory software, we are able to access all previously translated content to ensure consistency of style, reduce project costs and improve turnaround times.

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“We’re very proud to work with Aston Martin, helping them to promote their luxury brand internationally. The quality of the translation needs to reflect the quality of the brand, and our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 guarantee the highest quality standards”.

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