Translation services for leading publisher, Centum Books

Making movie activity books and novelisations fun and engaging for children in overseas markets.

Centum Books are a leading publishing house, selling over 3 million books a year in the UK and overseas. The company is the official publisher for many popular musicians, celebrities and children’s movies, publishing a range of annuals, activity books and other branded material. Comtec were asked to translate a series of activity books and novels for the French market to support the global launch of three films – Wonder Woman, The Emoji Movie, Sing – as well as materials for the popular children’s game Minecraft.

With a deadline of four to five weeks for each translation project, it was essential that we took a collaborative and creative approach – working closely with Centum Books and our expert team of translators and desktop publishers. In addition to many puzzles and games, much of the content revolved around puns, pop culture references and text-speak, which needed to be creatively translated to ensure it was fun, engaging and relevant to children in the target market.

Here’s how we translated highly creative content on time and to the highest quality:

Experienced French-speaking linguists with their own in-market reviewers!

The translated content had to resonate with young readers in the target market, so we selected translators with children who could help review the translations and inform creative decisions.

Cultural Reviews to ensure complete understanding of the source content

Our in-house team reviewed the English content in detail to identify any pop-culture references, text-speak and puns that may not translate directly. We provided detailed a commentary to help our translators understand the origin/meaning and assist with transcreation and localisation.

Transcreation and copywriting to engage and entertain

Puns, catchphrases and jokes are notoriously difficult to translate so we used a transcreation approach (creative translation) to find alternatives and make sure that the translated books were just as engaging as the originals. Imagery and design elements, such as crosswords, word search puzzles and visual puns required transcreation and localisation, including original copywriting to ensure these worked effectively too.

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