Webinar: Secrets to successful globalisation: Insights from the front lines

Posted: 7 Juin 2024

Captivating content is a brand-building superpower! No matter who your target market is, or where they are, the right words can win hearts and minds, encourage customer loyalty, drive sales and send your social media accounts stratospheric.


And as economies become ever more connected and new markets open up, there’s a whole raft of opportunities for growth on a worldwide scale.

But creating campaigns that resonate across global audiences is a tricky business. With a multitude of languages and cultural characteristics to consider, how do you ensure that what goes down a storm in Spain hits the spot in Singapore too?

Luckily, we’re here to help you conquer the challenges of globalised content creation!

We’re delighted to have teamed up with copywriting agency extraordinaire, Stratton Craig, for this unique webinar.

We are sharing expertise and insight on:

  • The pitfalls of globalisation and how to avoid them (with some horror stories too).
  • Crucial stats on audiences for global brands that help you make decisions.
  • Best practice for complex project management.
  • Translation-ready steps you can take to ensure your content remains engaging, relevant and on-brand wherever in the world it lands.