We are not just a translation service provider, we are a translation partner. We are passionate about helping you break down language barriers and reach new markets, taking  the time to understand your business goals and tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced linguists thrive on challenge and exceed expectations. Your success is our success, and we go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Work with
the world’s best

When you choose Comtec, you gain access to a network of top-notch translators from around the world. We handpick our linguists based on their expertise and linguistic abilities, ensuring that your translations are handled by the very best in the industry.

Quality Assured

We take quality seriously. Every translation project at Comtec goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure accuracy, consistency, and adherence to your specific requirements. 

We assess content based on key linguist criteria including spelling, syntax, vocabulary and technical terminology. Rest assured your message will be conveyed flawlessly across your chosen languages.

Can-do Attitude

In translations, no challenge is too big for us. We thrive on complex projects and tight deadlines and exceed expectations. Our can-do attitude means we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional, tangible results, every time.

Bespoke Project Teams

We understand that every project is unique. That’s why we assemble bespoke project teams tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated linguists and translators work closely with you to ensure smooth communication and successful outcomes.

Project Management

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have honed our project management skills to perfection. From start to finish, we oversee every aspect of your translation project, ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

We work closely with our clients, adapting to your internal workflows and finding the right processes for you.

Specialist Linguists

When it comes to technical, cultural, or industry-specific translations, you need experts who understand the complexity of your field. Our linguists are native speakers, meaning they have knowledge on how to engage your global audience.

We hand-pick qualified translators with specialist industry knowledge. Our team of specialist linguists is well-versed in a wide range of industries, guaranteeing accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Worldwide Reach

We collaborate with the best linguists, allowing us to serve clients from all corners of the world. No matter where you are located or which language you need translations in, we have the resources and expertise to meet your requirements.

With over 200 languages spoken by our linguists, we have experts across different fields worldwide, and have been a trusted partner to over 100k global businesses.

History of Perfomance

40 years family owned and operated

As a family owned and operated global business, we take pride in our long-standing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With four decades of experience under our belt, you can trust us to deliver outstanding translation services that exceed your expectations.

Certified Good Folk


We are proud to be the first UK translation company to achieve B Corp accreditation. We continue to meet exceptionally high standards for positive social and environmental impact. Our company ethos is built around focusing on transparent partnerships between our clients and linguists, and giving back to the community.