Webinar: SEO - The importance of localisation

Posted: 6 Mai 2024

How can an SEO agency and a localisation agency work in partnership to deliver great ROI in international marketing? And critically, what is the secret sauce to successful localised SEO campaigns?


In this webinar, James Brown, Comtec’s Head of Commercial, chats to SEO expert, Jacob Lucas from Fountain Partnership about why it’s so critical to meet the end consumer’s needs by navigating the challenge of different cultures and understanding that it’s more than just words.


You’ll hear about:

  • The importance of SEO to improve trust, as well as considering changes in the ranking strategy.
  • Why localised SEO matters? Hint! You optimise to the user experience in their own, native language.
  • The evidence behind the benefits of SEO localisation, supported by insights and examples.
  • Consumer preferences, including the surprising number of people who won’t buy or engage from a non-localised site.
  • And best practice including how to implement local keyword research.