Cultural strategy and insights

For anyone in marketing, L&D and internal communications, reaching new markets and communicating with new audiences is crucial, but also fraught with cultural complexity. Our experts provide invaluable insights to inform the development of global strategy and plans—meaning less issues, more impact.

Cultural Strategy and Insights

Cultural and linguistic audits

Whether you’re a marketing manager wanting to know if your campaign will land well in another location, or an L&D manager that needs to adapt materials across regions, cultural and linguistic audits help you get there.

Cultural and Linguistic Audits

Cultural awareness training

Whether you’re entering a new market, working as part of a global virtual team or collaborating with international colleagues – by undertaking cultural awareness workshops, your global employees can communicate better and avoid the pitfalls of cultural blunders.

Cultural Awareness Training

Brand name analysis

The name of your product, brand or service is the first thing that any customer will see; it’s so important to get it right.

Brand Name Analysis


How do you make sure slogans stay memorable, jokes still get a laugh and campaigns wow when they’re translated?



What are cultural services in the context of translation and localisation?

Cultural services refer to the process of adapting content to ensure it is culturally appropriate and resonates with the target audience. This goes beyond direct translation, encompassing cultural consultancy, adaptation to local customs and values and ensuring that messages are conveyed in culturally relevant ways.


Why is cultural adaptation important for my business?

Cultural adaptation ensures your content is not only linguistically accurate, but also culturally relevant and respectful. This enhances the effectiveness of your communication, boosts your brand’s global image and significantly reduces the risk of cultural misunderstandings or offenses that could impact your business negatively.


What types of content can benefit from cultural services?

Virtually any content can benefit. This includes websites, marketing materials, legal documents, software, apps, multimedia and educational materials. Cultural services ensure that all these content types are appropriately adapted for the target culture.


What is the process for adapting my content culturally?

The process typically involves an initial assessment of your content to identify areas requiring adaptation, followed by research into the target culturespecialists, and then the actual adaptation of content. This might include changing visuals, adjusting language use, modifying content layout and even altering product offerings to better suit the local market.


Why is it important to consider cultural factors in your global marketing strategy?

Cultural factors significantly influence consumer behavior, preferences, and perceptions. By considering these factors in your global marketing strategy, you can create more effective, engaging and respectful communications that resonate with your target audience. Ignoring cultural nuances can lead to misunderstandings, offend potential customers and harm your brand’s reputation.