Webcast: Exploring business cultures and opportunities in Japan

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

Planning to expand your business into Japan?

Whether you have your eyes set on the land of the rising sun, or somewhere else, this webcast is packed with practical and tested advice for expanding into new markets.

For this international growth webcast, we spoke to Johnny Pawlik, CEO of marketing and branding agency Mantra Media. Johnny set up the Japan branch of Mantra Media and has had great success in this market. We spoke to Johnny to hear his advice for those wanting to do the same.

But it’s not just Japan that Johnny has advice for, working with over 400 organisations across the globe, Johnny shared some first-hand and actionable tips on breaking into new markets and working across cultures.

Our top takeaways, applicable to all international markets are:

  • Understand and respect cultural differences to build trust.
  • Approach to training and business meetings culture is something that can make it or break it.
  • Strong purpose, ethics and values are important for international success.
  • Working with people from various cultures brings learning and change, helping us find brand new solutions.
  • Be prepared! Lay the grounds early for success in the local market (and language is a big part of it).