Webcast: Top tips for eLearning localisation

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

Translation is a well-known word, but do you know about localisation? It can be the difference between your learners connecting with your content or being left confused and disengaged.

In this elearning webinar Head of Partnerships, Emily Decker, shares her 5 tips for localisation. Emily is an expert in elearning and she’s sharing her best advice, including:

  • What is localisation: how it can be used for a range of content including video, animation, images and text.
  • Getting a grasp on technology: how to import and export your translation content and navigating different authoring tools.
  • Making your content translation-ready: by creating source content with translation in mind you can save yourself a headache down the line.
  • Audiovisual localisation: to subtitle or to voice-over? Well, it depends on your content and the market you are localising for. Watch to find out which to choose and the considerations of each.
  • Involving your in-market colleagues or clients: how can you make the most of their invaluable on the ground knowledge, without overcomplicating the translation process.