Webinar: Influencers in international markets: how to safeguard your reputation and your ROI with Gleam Futures

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

Great partnerships bring strong ROI, but choosing the right person to represent your brand or that of your client can be difficult. Especially when you’re looking outside the business’s country of origin.

Learn more about how influencers can help diversify routes to market and how a stringent vetting process helps protect brand reputation and produce the content you need.

Social media has become the go-to space for international marketers across all types of business and industry. Brands big and small are reaping the benefits of partnering with strong influencers, and with worldwide use of social media set to reach 4.9 billion, it’s no wonder so many businesses are including influencers in their global marketing strategies.

Over the last decade, large followings, and the ability to capture new audiences, has seen Social Media Influencers take the advertising world by storm.

We spoke with award winning influencer marketers, Gleam Futures to learn the tricks of the trade, and understand:

  • The importance and impact of international influencer marketing.
  • The success of SMEs that embrace language capabilities versus those that don’t.
  • Vetting potential influencers as an essential part of the recruitment process.
  • Ensuring content is culturally sensitive and the avoidance of cultural appropriation.
  • Our work with clients to vet international talent and monitor material.