Webinar: Leading your brand marketing with cultural competence

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

A campaign that lands amazingly well in one market can be a disaster in another. That’s why having a deeper understanding of cultural differences is essential for successful global campaigns.

For anyone that has grown up in a singular culture, we tend to perceive the actions of others as simply who they are, rather than a product of their cultural programming. In the world of marketing, it can be the difference between a successful global brand, a brand that continues to fall short of its growth ambitions, or a cultural fiasco!

Often, we have a bad habit of looking at the impact of culture retrospectively, of seeing the mistakes made and misalignments after the bulk of the work is done and marketing funds spent.

In this webinar, James Brown, Head of Commercial at Comtec is joined by Kirsty MacEachen, Comtec’s Cultural Services Partner, to discuss the importance of having cultural conversations early on.

In this session we are exploring how an understanding of culture can make us infinitely better marketeers, from the campaigns we produce to the knowledge of when to localise, and everything in between. Key topics include:

  • How the world and society has changed with the boom of digital culture.
  • The appeal of globalisation vs the need to localise.
  • The cultural challenges and impact on the work of global marketeers.
  • Which aspects of a brand to focus on when localising?