Webinar: Transcreation and international campaigns – the winning formula

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

You’ve nailed your marketing campaign with spot on branding, cultural awareness, and clear, consistent messaging.

But when you’re a global business, how do you ensure that what resonates in one language, hits the spot in another? Will jokes still land, and will carefully crafted slogans stay catchy and memorable?

Cue transcreation!

In our webinar, hosted by James Brown, Comtec’s Head of Commercial, you’ll discover:

  • How the transcreation process enables creative content to hang onto its wow factor, retaining original tone, style and intent.
  • Examples of success stories through three iconic brands, demonstrating the impact of smart transcreation on real world campaigns.
  • How it works in practice, when it’s needed, and how businesses can link it with their cultural awareness of markets to deliver optimised, high-performance communications the world over.