We’re going beyond words with our B Corp certification

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

We’re delighted to be taking part in B Corp’s 2023 We Go Beyond campaign this month.

At Comtec, like many businesses around the world, we always look to do more to make a positive impact on society and the environment. It’s something we have built into the core values of our business. But these days, it’s become especially important to go beyond words when it comes to corporate promises.

So, as most of our clients, partners and friends will know, last year we decided to put our ‘business for good’ credentials to the test and go for B Corp accreditation.

If you somehow managed to miss our news, or aren’t sure what this is all about, B Corp is a global movement of businesses that are a force for good and this certification (from the B Lab organisation) is the gold standard of socially and environmentally responsible business.

Launched by B Lab in 2006, B Corp’s aim is to inspire business towards creating an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy. Certified companies now range from huge multinationals to sole traders and most for-profit organisations can apply for certification.

However, the application process is a rigorous affair!

To be accredited, companies must demonstrate an on-going commitment to the very highest levels of performance, accountability and transparency across a wide spectrum of areas.


We took the view that with our company ethos of always trying to do the right thing, the B Corp community was a natural home for us.

We fully appreciated though, that nothing worth having ever comes easy!

Our pitch to join the movement focused on the way we work with our clients, linguists and external partners; how well we care for our employees; our contribution to the charitable sector, and how we always aim for better environmental sustainability through our business practices.

With some trepidation, our application went in.

We needn’t have worried; our hard work paid off and in May we got the fantastic news that we’d been successful and became the first UK translation company to achieve B Corp accreditation. We were proud members of the now 6,000 strong ground-breaking B Corp business community and formally recognised to be delivering the high professional standards that certification rewards.

Comtec’s Carole proudly holding our B Corp plaque


It’s been almost a year since we gained accreditation and we’re thrilled to be involved in the B Corp Month annual celebrations for the first time.

Since last year’s campaign, the number of UK B Corp accredited businesses has risen from 700 to 1,100 – that’s a massive 57% more companies who’ve proved their pledge to promote social and environmental change through positive business practices.

Through playing a part in the We Go Beyond campaign, we’re going beyond words to introduce more organisations to this amazing movement which strives to reduce inequality, lower poverty levels, create more sustainability for our environment, and build stronger communities through its work.

Celebrating 1,000 B Corps in the UK – that number has already been surpassed!


We’re facing some of the biggest challenges of our time. The environment is struggling, social inequality is widening and by choosing to chase profit over protecting people, most businesses are just adding to the issues.

With We Go Beyond, B Corp will show the world a community of businesses who go beyond the status quo, choosing instead to take action to change our harmful, unfair economic system.

We Go Beyond encourages people to take a minute to understand why and how B Corps have chosen a different, more positive path.

The campaign is a showcase for the B Corp movement to demonstrate that businesses with B Corp status aren’t just adding a ‘look how great we are’ logo to their company profile, they’re actually going beyond business as usual to make their mark on the world.

Why is B Corp so important to Comtec?

Imagine if all the world’s businesses made a positive impact on society and the environment through the work they do…

…wouldn’t that be incredible?

Since our company was founded, back in the 1980s, we’ve always been a business motivated not just by the bottom line, but by trying to do good things for our employees, our community and the wider world.

We want our clients, partners and employees to know that when they choose to work with us, they’re working with a company that values people and the planet just as much as it values profit.

For us, our B Corp badge isn’t just a case of attaching ourselves to the latest trend; we really do walk the walk!

That’s why being a B Corp company and adding our voice to the call for the corporate world to operate in a more holistic, people- and planet-centred way, matters so much to us.

And that’s why we’re throwing ourselves wholeheartedly behind B Corp month and the We Go Beyond campaign!

Watch this space – in our next B Corp Month update we’ll share more insight into our B Corp journey, demonstrate our B Corp credentials and talk about what we’ve learned along the way.

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