Webcast: Engaging local markets in the translation process

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

You know you need a translation, but how do you approach the market review process? What steps should you take to ensure you end up with the best possible end result? How should you manage collaboration between international internal colleagues, local markets and your translation partner?

To find out, James Brown, Head of Commercial at Comtec sat down with Ben, Account Director at McCann Central, the world’s leading ad agency network.

In the video Ben speaks about the journey McCann have been on and how the translation process for them has become more collaborative. Working across more than 100 different locations, Ben has some fascinating insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the translation process.

Ben’s insights include:

  • How and when to involve your translation partner.
  • What steps to take to get the best end result.
  • How to manage local and central teams.
  • How to review and check translations, specifically with the goal of making sure the core creative message remains intact.