Webinar: Every Company Has a Story: Designing high impact learning solutions for a global audience with Mind Tools

Posted: 11 Sep 2023

Our webinar series, Every Company Has a Story, puts our clients in the spotlight as we hear from them about how they’ve worked to widen international reach, bring people closer and enable their businesses to make a greater impact on a global scale.

The role of elearning modules and video localisation is incredibly valuable when inspiring a global learning culture to help people from around the world perform, manage and lead with confidence.

In this webinar, Krista Linnell, Comtec’s Head of Marketing, is joined by Ross Garner, Head of Learning Experience, and Ross Dickie, Learning Experience Consultant, from evidence based learning specialists Mind Tools, to discuss how to measure impact and success when it comes to global learning solutions.

Through Mind Tools’ own story, we hear about:

  • How to ensure you build for success by scoping out the learning brief and agreeing the outcome before you begin work.
  • Why assumed solutions should be broken down and discussed to ensure you ultimately solve the problem your learners have.
  • Predictions for the learning and development industry over the coming years, including the adoption of AI tools.
  • The critical importance of discussing required localisation needs from the outset.