Five countries UK energy companies can plug in to


The UK is renowned for its innovation skills across the energy sub-sectors, making UK companies an attractive investor into new opportunities overseas to expand their business. By 2030 the UKTI predicts revenue from domestic and international business will rise to £200 billion.

1. Major changes to Ireland’s water sector

UK companies will have the chance to explore a new opportunity not far from home. Ireland is undergoing radical changes in the water sector, from a public ownership model to a market based approach. Water meters were introduced in 2012, and in 2015 the Irish Gas Board will start to take over from the local water authorities.

2. Help Dominican Republic maximise electricity generation

The Caribbean island has enough natural resources to generate electricity and reduce its petroleum fuel dependency. Several power generation companies are in operation including over 30 hydroelectric facilities. UKTI has identified opportunities for:

  • Consultancy services on cost management and reduction
  • Construction of mini hydro generation plants & wind power projects
  • Conversion of solid waste to methane gas and equipment for hydroelectricity

3. A thriving mining sector brings opportunities in Portugal

The Portuguese Government are making their thriving mineral resources sector a priority over the next five years. Investment is set to skyrocket to levels between €300 and €700 million, with further investment into their oil and gas sectors also planned. Stable political conditions, a new mining strategy and sound infrastructure make expansion all the more attractive to UK mining companies.

4. Renewable energy takes off in Tanzania

Investment opportunities have been identified in wind farm developments, geothermal resource developments and thanks to Tanzania’s high levels of solar energy, there are also opportunities in the solar sector. Other opportunities exist in hydro, biomass, biofuel and tidal resources.

5. $100 billion investments into Oman’s oil and gas sector

Oil and gas are Oman’s key economic drivers and are expected to remain so for some time with investments exceeding $100 billion over the next decade. Petroleum Development Oman is currently focused on enhanced oil recovery schemes and is introducing new and complex technologies to extract oil. Opportunities for UK companies include logging, drilling, tools, pumps, switchgear and equipment.

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