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Top 5 strategies when writing content for translation

Writing ‘translation ready’ source text can have a positive effect on the translation process overall and ensure you get much higher quality translations. In this post we share 5 strategies for writing content, which will reduce translation times and save you money.

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brand name analysis

Linguistic considerations when localising brand or product names

Before launching a brand or product in a new global market, it is essential to perform a brand name analysis. Otherwise your brand could end up in one of those translation blunders articles! Here we provide some pointers of what to watch out for.

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website translation costs

How to reduce your website translation costs

Save money on website translation costs and localisation with these seven tips for global businesses. By planning ahead you can reduce the time it takes to translate content, while retaining quality, and therefore reduce overall costs of complex translation projects.

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marketing translations, tone of voice

How to ensure a consistent tone of voice in all your marketing translations

A consistent tone of voice across all marketing translations is really important for brands to establish themselves in a new market. Here we share the steps we take to ensure consistent tone, style and terminology.

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AdWord translation, translating AdWord

Translate your AdWord campaign

Do you need to translate your AdWord campaigns to reach consumers in international markets? Here we share the elements that need translating and localising.

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social media translation, translating Facebook

Translating Facebook posts

How can your business use Facebook translations to reach global consumers? Here we share our advice for localising your Facebook page and translating Facebook posts.

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what is trancreation

What is the difference between translation, transcreation and copywriting?

If you’re not sure what the difference is between translation and transcreation, or transcreation and copywriting, this post explains all.

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transcreation, advertising translation, marketing translation

Translating advertising copy

Translating slogans, straplines and advertising campaigns requires a creative approach. That’s where transcreation services come in.

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transcreation, marketing translation

Why transcreation is important?

Marketing translations are fine for some types of content, but when a message is highly targeted you need transcreation instead.

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